BirdieBall Inc. was founded in beautiful Golden, Colorado in 2002.  A small family business, we focus on customer service and providing our invaluable customers with fun and innovative golf products.

We believe that golf should be accessible and convenient to everyone, no questions asked.  So that is what we strive to do. We bring golf to the streets, to the park, to school, even to your own backyard. Gone are the days of needing to pay pricey golf course fees, just to get your golf fix in. We truly have revolutionized the golf industry, introducing people to the game that may have never had the opportunity to have that gratifying feeling as you watch your ball disappear into the hole.

Our namesake product, the BirdieBall, is what started it all. It was developed and perfected by the president of the company, John Breaker and his father, Richard Breaker. After two years of research and design, we were finally ready to unveil the BirdieBall to the public. So we opened a store in Lakewood, Colorado in April 2003 as a place where people could actually try the amazing device. Tens of thousands of BirdieBalls were sold out of this first location, and we quickly outgrew the storefront. We moved the BirdieBall headquarters to Wheat Ridge, Colorado and have been here growing ever since. We have added fun and innovative golf products to our line every year; the most noteworthy being the BirdieBall Putting Green. As well as continue to astonish people with the BirdieBall, with 7 million sold. And counting.

We are a family and company of problem solvers. We see an obstacle and view it as an opportunity to come up with something the world has never seen before. Who knows what we’ll come up with next…