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BirdieBall & StrikePad Set
BirdieBall - the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf

12 BirdieBalls & StrikePad Set (BB-1006)

  Just $39.99, Awesome for Golfers of ALL skill levels!

Every golfer, regardless of their skill, needs practice...Here is practice made perfect! 

"Practice puts brains in your muscles." --Sam Snead


After just eight short years, BirdieBalls, along with the StikePad have become the #1 Selling Golf Training Aid in History, measured in number of units sold.  You may have never heard of the BirdieBall.  We do not do much advertising, we have not had too. We grow through word of mouth.  One satisfied customer to another.  It is the PGA's "Best New Product" and is in over 6,000 Universities, High Schools, Jr. High Schools and Elementary Schools.  Millions upon million of BirdieBalls have helped golfers around the world learn ball striking with a convenience never imagined. Read the testimonials, the price could not be better and it is unconditionally guaranteed. will not believe how fun it is to see a BirdieBall hang in the air the same amount of time as a 300 yard drive and it is only going a distance equal to home plate to second base.

We guarantee your total elation with your purchase of this award winning practice system!

Only $40, Only 40 Short Yards!  Only Home Practice Golf System Ever to Win the

"Best New Product" PGA Award 

Best Off Course, Home Training Aid Period!  Winner of The PGA's "Best New Product".  Believe the 16,000 PGA golf professionals that attended the PGA Merchandise Show.  They voted it "Best Training Aid".  Check out the trophy and check out the video page of this web site. 

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Dan Thurman, one of our awesome customers wants you to see how he uses the BirdieBall.      ...below

It is quite possible that your son or daughter is learning to play golf at school with the BirdieBall System.  We are in 5,000 Universities, High Schools, Junior Highs and Elementary Schools. 

Perfect practice at home makes perfect!

$39.99 gets you everything you need to practice the perfect swing with instant and actual golf ball flight, at home..... today. 

    We give you an unconditional guarantee that you will be absolutely and totally satisfied.  The hang time of the BirdieBall and the depth of field of the camera lens make it appear in the video as if the BirdieBall is traveling much further than forty (40) yards, but it is only traveling a distance equal to Home Plate to Second Base on a baseball diamond.

Here is what the BirdieBall and StrikePad Set will teach and reinforce for you.

-Swing Path:  Just follow the path and orientation of the golf club illustrated on the StrikePad and you are learning the proper "inside to outside" swing path.  The only swing path that works, the only swing path you should be practicing!  The same swing path every pro....that's every single pro on tour or anyone who has ever broken 80.  Without this path you can not get better.  Period!

-Down and Trough: The "down and through" motion of the golf club at impact is rarely understood by amature golfers.  With all clubs other than the Driver, the direction of the club face at impact is DOWN.  In other words the divot happens after you hit the golf ball.  Knowing that is one thing, doing that is another.   The StrikePad allows and directs this down and through motion through the golf ball. 

-Alignment and Ball Flight Shape:  Where the ball ultimately goes is the most important component of golf.  The StrikePad supports proper alignment and the BirdieBalls flight shows you what the golf balls ball flight will be.  Learn the mechanics of drawing and fading the golf ball.

-Ball Striking:  Ever wonder why an easy looking swing by a good golfer makes his ball go so much further?  He or she is an accomplished ball striker.  They are not trying to hit under the ball to get it into the air, they are compressing the side of the golf ball with the face of the club.  Learn to compress the side of the golf ball by learning to compress the side of a BirdieBall with the face of your club.

BirdieBalls only travel forty yards (40), 120 feet, roughly the distance between home plate and second base.  Backyards, parks, school yards, softball fields, parking lots and open space.

The Best Golf Tip you can ever get is to practice the proper swing path.  What is the proper swing path?  Stand over the BirdieBall®, StrikePad® and see it....maybe for the first time.  The BirdieBall and Strikepad Set won the prestigious "Best New Product" award at the PGA Merchandise Show.

I have been working on my golf game for 35 years.  I am a visual learner, as are most of us. Golf instructors were unable to put the right image into my head with the words they were saying. "You are coming over-the-top".  What does that mean?  Finally, a picture of what the swing and club head should look like just before impact (the most imprtant time).  Used in concert with the BirdieBall®, the Swing Path StrikePad® gives you the visual reinforcement that you are on the right path.  It is really, really accurate and it works so well that those same teaching pros that could never get through to me, named it "Best New Product" at the PGA Merchandise Show.  Here is the trophy.  Here is your chance to be a good golf ball striker... while spending time with your family. 

-John Breaker, BirdieBall Inventor

How good is this product?  We have sold tens of thousands of the BirdieBall and StrikePad sets.  We have had just a few returns in over six years.  We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will replace any BirdieBall which breaks in the first year of use. 

This might be the most cost effective practice methodology ever developed.  The StrikePad is so durable that it literally can not wear out.  The BirdieBalls don't break and only go forty yards, so they are almost impossible to loose.  You can literally practice for years for less than the cost of two pizzas.

Hello,   My name is Cory Goodwin and I love your product! I have been using the birdie ball for seven years now. I had first recieved the balls at a golf school in southern california in 2004, then I brought them back to my home town where I teach the game of golf to all ages. My junior golfers love them and I have been using these balls to help people learn the game where ever they may be.  I love to demonstrate with them and I think this would be great fit for someone like me.  From 40 yards I can hit the birdie ball into a coffee can, palm of a hand, bucket, you name it. Thank you!  

Cory Goodwin, Glenn Golf &CC

Here is a fun YouTube link from Australia:


How about a tee.  Check out the new BirdieBall Velocity Tee
Watch the Velocity Tee in action..Amazing!
Hit with Driver 

PGA Master Professional Danny Harvanek teaches with BirdieBalls

golf at school

BirdieBall, by Birdie Ball Inc. has great golf gifts too!  Birdie Golf, BirdieGolf

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12 BirdieBalls & StrikePad Set

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