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The BirdieBall Velocity Tee:

If you love bombing drives and watching them hang in the air for what seems like minutes, you have got to try the BirdieBall and Velocity Tee.  The Video below is the system demonstrated. 

The BirdieBall hangs in the air showing you your shot in an abreviated distance of about 40-60 yards.  Yeah, you can do it at home, the local park, or wherever else your imagination takes you!

The Velocity Tee in Action:

This is Mike Dobbyn.  He owns the World BirdieBall record long drive of 78 yards!  He is also the world ReMax long drive Champion for 2008, with a drive of 515 yards.  He is a big, strong, long driving machine.

Watch this YouTube Video of Velocitiy Tee in Action...AMAZING! 

Product details:

At long last BirdieBall for driver.  Use your 460 CC Driver and practice hitting your driver anywhere!  Traveling a maximum of 70 yards, this heavy feeling practice method has all of the attributes of a golf ball.  Draw it, Fade it, Crush it!  This package includes two Velocity Tees (one for use with a driver, and one for use with a fairway wood) and one BirdieBall.

Get a buddy, get 70 yards apart, and pound driver back and forth until your arms want to fall off.  We thought hitting BirdieBalls with irons was fun until this technology was perfected. 

How to use the Velocity Tee:

Simply place the BirdieBall velocity tee on a flat surface.  Place the BirdieBall on the tee so that the trailing edge (the edge you hit) is hanging slightly off of the end of the tee.  Align yourself so that the low end of the tee is pointed toward the target line and the high end of the tee is holding your BirdieBall at the proper height.  Now, CRUSH it!  You will not believe the sound that it makes as it explodes off of the tee with the same ball speed as a real golf ball!

A Friendly Competition:

Can you break the current BirdieBall Long-Drive World Record?  It now stands at 78 yards.  If you want to break it, record the drive on video and measure the shot on video so that we can indeed see that it is a legitimate distance.  It can not be wind aided.  Winds must be less than 5 mph.  Include in the video a representation of the wind (pull some grass and let it go, or have a flag in the video. The easiest way is to have a BirdieTarget Flag in the video to confirm wind at the time of  the shot). 

All entries must be witnessed by another human being.    Measurements should be made from where the BirdieBall lands (not where it rolls).  We are talking about all carry, so it is going to take at least two or three people to record the event.  Also, when measuring please include fractions over 78 yards. For example, it could be 78 yards 7 inches.  The current record is 78 yards exactly, recorded at the PGA Merchandise Show on January 26th, 2007.  It was attested and measured with a measuring tape.  It was struck off of the loading dock area and landed on the concrete parking lot as seen in the pictures on the right.

Bubba Watson said he learned to go long by trying to hit a wiffle ball another inch.  Well, BirdieBalls are what wiffle balls wish they were...realistic!  If you are trying to get better or if you are just trying to have some fun, hit a BirdieBall 79 yards and then show us.  Or, just have fun crushing the jet engine sounding BirdieBalls back and forth with a buddy.  Either way you will get more than your moneys worth, we guarantee it!

What you win for breaking the record is a new Hang-Time 460 CC Driver with a 10.5 degree loft.  Valued at $499.

Hang Time Driver, 10 degree, RT Hand, Reg. Shaft

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Birdie Ball Inc., 12100 W. 52nd Ave. Suite 114, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.


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BirdieBall Long Drive Velocity Tees & Ball. LONG!

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