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BirdieBall & StrikePad Set
BirdieBall - the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf

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BirdieBalls & Strikepads, Four Color Process, Wrap
BirdieBalls & Strikepads, Four Color Process, Wrap

Logo the BirdieBalls with your company logo and more. Four color digital process wrap allows you to even imprint images and photos. Your customers will always remember that you introduced them to their first BirdieBall.


Ultimate Golf Promotions Package
Ultimate Golf Promotions Package

Have you ever seen a golf promotions package that is this inclusive? Custom BirdieBall, StrikePad, Flag and Target all in one neatly packaged box. This is the golf gift for the tournament that thinks that it has given away everything!


  Spins Exactly Like a Golf Ball
True Feel, True Flight
Remarkable Hang Time
Turbine Sound

  12 BirdieBalls & StrikePad Set

12 BirdieBalls & StrikePad Set

Limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere. Itís the best selling golf training aid ever. Birdieballs are made of a super polymer and are very durable. Voted PGA Best!!!

Our Price: $39.99

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