When the BirdieBall was introduced in 2003, it caught a lot of attention very quickly. And how could it not? After all, it is a golf ball that looks like a napkin ring. We are grateful for every publication that has given us love, but here are some of our most note-worthy accolades.


  • bb-media-wallstreetjournal2008.png

    Wall Street Journal
    April 2008

    “For the Golfer Who Doesn't Quite Have Everything”

  • PGA Partners Magazine
    July/August 2005

    “92% approval rating from PGA partners”

  • Specialty Retail News

    “Whole New Ball Game”
    5 page feature article

  • bb-media-readersdigest2005.png

    Reader’s Digest

    “Best Gifts under $50”

  • bb-media-goodmorningamerica2005.png

    Good Morning America

    “Best Christmas Gift”

  • bb-media-pga2005.png

    PGA Merchandise Show

    “Best New Product”

  • bb-media-golfmagazine2005.png

    Golf Magazine
    September 2005

    “Lord of the Rings”

  • bb-media-usnews2004.png

    US News and World Report
    March 2004

    “Smart Chart”

  • bb-media-businessweek2004.png

    Business Week
    May 2004

    “Handicap Aid”

  • bb-media-travelleisure2004.png

    Travel and Leisure Golf

    “Pro Shop”

  • bb-media-golfchicago2004.png

    Golf Chicago

    “Perfect Practice with BirdieBalls”

  • bb-media-denverpost2004.png

    The Denver Post

    “No Slowing the Quick Fix”

  • bb-media-golfrange2004.png

    Golf Range Magazine
    July/August 2004

    “Top Items for a Golf Pro Shop”

  • bb-media-seattletimes2004.png

    Seattle Times
    November 2004

    “One of the hottest golf innovations”

  • bb-media-avidgolf2003.png

    Avid Golfer Magazine
    July 2003

    “Must Have Items for the Discriminating Golfer”