Birdieball FAQs

Why use a BirdieBall?

When the Scottish invented golf, we're sure they didn't play on manicured lawns. They used their Mashie and Niblik and played in pastures. The ball went a short but satisfying distance. That's what BirdieBalls are all about, taking golf to the streets. Now the true feel and flight of a golf ball is captured in a ball that only travels 40 yards. You can take it to the park, backyard, baseball diamond, even to the parking lot! It's great practice as well as fun to simply make up your own course through the park, just like the Scotsmen who invented the game. Who knows maybe you can invent your own BirdieBall game.

Can I hit my Driver and Fairway Woods?

Yes, absolutely. Now with the Velocity Tee, you can work out with the club that even pros struggle to keep consistent. The Velocity Tees come in a package with one tee for Driver and one for your 3-wood. The Driver Tee works great if you have a Jumbo Driver (+460cc). Just point the tee at your target. I can almost hear you saying "Wow, I really got into that one!"

What is the BirdieBall made out of?

BirdieBalls are made at of a super polymer (that's as much detail as you get, and no, it's not PVC).    

Will they break?

Below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the BirdieBalls can crack with a good full swing.  We have Pro-Series BirdieBalls that are guaranteed not to break.

Why use the StrikePad?

The StrikePad allows you to practice anywhere, even off of concrete, asphalt, or dirt. You won't damage your clubs on the ground, and you won't tear up your lawn with your clubs, thus saving your marriage. Anywhere you have 40 yards; you now have your own driving range. You can now improve your game at home, in the park, while on vacation, or on a business trip.

Do you need to use the StrikePad?

No. In fact they are probably best right off the freshly mown grass. However, because the prevent lawn damage, you can take them to the park or softball field. Your wife or husband won't get mad if you use StrikePad in the yard. Best of all the StrikePad allows you to hit golf balls in places that you never would have thought to hit them before. You can hit BirdieBalls in the parking lot, off of a frozen lake, off of the beach and even off of the deck of a houseboat. You will be amazed by how the StrikePad allows you to hit down and through, releasing your golf club on impact. 

Will it break my windows?

I have miscued a couple of times and hit my neighbor's picture window from about 3O feet. It fell harmlessly in the bushes below the window. This is not to say that they won't break windows, just that they haven't. Therefore, this is the official disclaimer. They might break stuff.

What if I get hit with a BirdieBall? Will I walk away from the impact unscathed?

The BirdieBall is absolutely safer than a golf ball. It will not leave you with a concussion, but it will sting!

Can I put my company's logo on the BirdieBall?

Yes, people love seeing their logo on the BirdieBalls.  It makes a memorable give-away for your customers. People remember who gave them their first BirdieBall. See Custom Logo Birdieballs for more information. 

Do they float?

Yep, they sure do.

Is the BirdieBall Patented?

Yes! US Patent # 7,300,357 & EU Patent # 1494766

Putting Green FAQs

Is the surface comparable to a real putting green surface?

Our putting greens boast the most realistic putting surface on the market. We engineer the surface to mimic the grain of a real putting green.  You can even practice putts going both into the grain as well as with the grain.

What are they made out of?

Our putting greens are made out of a proprietary aerated polymer (a super fancy dense foam-like material), that we treat the surface of in order to draw out the grain.  The material is ½" thick, so the ball will drop into the hole without being on a raised platform and no contrived ramp is needed.

Are they durable?

Yes, remarkably so. With normal use, the green will last several years.  The only natural enemies towards the greens are sunlight, dog/cat claws, and golf spikes/high heels. If left outside for an extended period of time, the UV rays will warp the material and create waves.

Which side do I putt on?

The “fuzzy” or grass side should be up. It is the side that is on the outside of the roll when you receive the green in the box. When rolling up, keep the “fuzzy” side out.  This will make it lay down flat faster.

What can harm my green?

Heat, intense sunlight, and pointed objects are basically the three enemies of the putting green.  The putting green should not be used in direct sunlight because the green will absorb heat. Even excessive sunlight indoors can heat the green, causing the green to bubble in the areas it was exposed to sunlight for too long. High heels and golf shoes with spikes should not be worn on the green. Also be aware of dog and cat claws on the surface.

What is the ideal surface to place the putting green on? Can I use the putting green on top of carpet?

The putting greens perform best on hard, firm surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, and tile floors. The putting greens can be used on carpet, as long as the carpet is tightly woven and does not have a thick carpet pad underneath (like a Berber or office carpet).  The greens will have a softer feel under your feet if used on top of carpeting that has a plush carpet pad, and is not tightly woven.  If plush carpet is your only option, we have had many customers place something firm between their putting surface and the carpet (such as plywood, or rubber tiles that snap together) to make the green perfectly functional in that application.

Can I chip off of the green?

No, do not chip off of the green with an iron. This will most likely cause a divot in the material. You can however, chip onto the green from a chipping mat, and then finish putting out.

Do the putting greens come with the cups and flags, or do I need to purchase those separately?

Each putting green will come standard with as many cups and extraction flags as you need for the amount of holes you order in the "Choose Your Hole Location" drop-down menu.  For instance, if you choose "2 holes side A, 1 hole side B" you will recieve 3 cups and 3 extraction flags.  We also always include 1 high-back cup so that you can practice extra firm putts.  You do not need to order cups and flags separately :)

What is the high-back cup?

The high-back cup allows for practice of more firm putts. The extra height on the back allows for a better chance of the ball staying in the hole instead of jumping out. All of the cups function better to stop the ball when the flag is in place.

How do I install the cups and flags?

The cups are installed from the bottom of the putting green.  Lift your putting surface up and place the cup into the hole from the bottom of the putting green material. The cups have a flange on the bottom to secure them in place.  The flags install from the top, and are simply placed into the cup. The flag will help the ball to stay in the cup when you sink a ball, as they dampen the ball.

How do I install the side rails/trim and bumpers? What is the difference between "side rails/trim" and "bumpers"?

The black rubber trim and bumper pieces snap onto the end of the green (or all along the sides of the perimeter if your green has full trim). The bumpers and trim look almost identical, but the trim will have a raised lip to stop the ball from rolling off the end of the putting green.  If you order a putting green with holes only on one end of the green, you will receive one bumper and one piece of trim. The bumper should go on the end with holes, while the trim goes on the end without holes. If you order a putting green with holes on both ends, you will receive two bumpers. The trim, or "side rails", lay flush with the putting surface. The bumper is raised to stop balls from rolling off the ends of the green.

How do I trim the trim (haha) to fit my green perfectly?

Scissors work well to cut your trim to the correct size. Start cutting from the open end through to the heel.

How do I make the hole deeper?

You can place our hole deepening shim under one of the existing holes in the green to make the hole twice as deep.  Slide the shim under the green and put the high back cup under the shim to hold it in place.

How do I make the hole smaller?

Included with your putting green is a donut shaped cut out we call a hole-reducer.  Place this in the hole with the cup, or take the cup out and just place the hole-reducer insert directly into the hole. In the latter instance, if the insert seems to loose, pull lightly on the outside diameter slightly to make it fit more snug.

How do I create breaks?

Breaks can be made easily. For slight breaks, slide a magazine, newspaper, or towel under the green. For bigger breaks, we have provided long thin strips of material that can be placed underneath the green as desired. Unless you want the breaks to be permanent, avoid walking on the green where the break has been created, as it can stretch the putting green.

How do I change the speed of the green? Either slow the green down or speed it up?

Our putting greens have a grain. This grain is like a nub of grass that is angled in one direction toward one of the ends. You can determine which way the nub of grass is leaning by rubbing your hand toward each end; your hand will catch the grain going one way and feel smoother going the other way. By simply using a broom, you can manipulate the grain. To slow down the green, take your broom and sweep into the grain, pulling more of the nubs up. To speed up the green, take your broom and walk with the grain, smoothing the nubs down.

How can I clean my putting green?

You can use a broom to keep your green clean. If you are trying to get dirt off the putting surface, spot clean with warm water and mild soap.

Is the BirdieBall Putting Green Patented?

Yes! US Patent # 8,979,663

What is the return policy for putting greens?

Returns will only be accepted within 30 days of receipt of the product.

We always hope that the putting green has exceeded your expectations. If it does not for whatever reason, please email questions@birdieball.com, or call us so we can help to alleviate whatever issues you may be experiencing. We DO NOT offer "free" returns. This is largely due to the fact that the putting greens are very pricey to ship back and forth. If you are unsure if this product will be a good fit, it is always a good idea to start with a smaller green, since those are much easier and cheaper to return. 

As stated above, we do not send pre-paid return labels for you to return the product.  You are responsible for shipping the product back to us using your preferred shipper (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc). If the green has not been taken out of the box, simply tape the box up and ship it back. If the green has been taken out of the box, it needs to be packed up the same way it was received. The fuzzy side should be rolled on the outside, so it is touching the inside of the box. All accessories need to be placed in the middle, so as not to damage the putting surface.  Nothing but the inside of the box should be touching the putting surface. 

Once we receive the green back at our warehouse, a refund will be given based on the following guidelines: You will be refunded all but the actual shipping cost. Actual shipping cost is the amount we were charged to initially ship the product to you. If you are in the Continental U.S. and spent over $50.00, you were not charged for shipping when you placed your order; however, the amount we paid to ship your products to you will be kept out of the refund.

*If you would like to know how much your product cost to ship, please email questions@birdieball.com, and we can let you know what your refund will be and what will be kept for shipping. The product purchased, as well as the shipping location, will affect how much we were charged for shipping.*

If the putting green is not packed properly and the putting surface is damaged, we will keep 50% of the cost of the green + actual shipping. Return with a copy of the packing slip or order # to:

BirdieBall, Inc.

12100 W. 52nd Ave. #114
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Bob wants to return his 4' x 14' putting green because it doesn't fit in his office. He spent $180.00, and got free shipping. He calls customer service and is told that his green cost $40 to ship to him (Your shipping cost will depend on what product you ordered, and where it was shipped). Bob needs to ship the green back to us on his own dime. Once we receive Bob's green back, and make sure it is packed properly and is not damaged, we issue a refund of $140.00 ($180 - $40).

Will I notice the seam on my 8’ wide putting green?

In the beginning you will notice it.  Most customers say that it becomes un-noticeable after it is used for a while.  Over time, walking on the surface will blend the seam together.  There is a break-in period from a few days to a few weeks depending on how much use your green is getting. Walking on the green, particularly over the seamed area, speeds up the break-in process.

Can I seam two 4' wide greens together myself to save some money?

If you are handy, you can save some money by purchasing two separate four foot wide putting greens and seam them together yourself.  Order two 4' greens of the same length, and check the box that indicates that your intention is to seam them together, and we will cut them to match one another at the seam.  There is a small $9.99 seaming fee. You will also need to purchase a hole cutter so that you can cut the holes once the two greens have been seamed.

Informational video on seaming:  

What kind of art should I upload to the website for my custom logo putting green?

Please upload your file in EPS (vector file) format, to ensure your logo will look great. If you are not ready to upload a file, or the website is not accepting your art file, simply email your EPS file to admin@birdieball.com. Any questions regarding your art can also be directed here.

How long do the custom logo greens take to get to me?

The custom logo greens take a little longer in production, so please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. If you need your order expedited, there is a $50 rush charge. Email us if this is the case, and we’d be happy to work with your in-hands date if possible.

Will I see a proof before my custom logo green is printed?

Yes! We will email you a proof of your custom logo green before we send it into production. This helps to ensure we received the correct art file and that you are happy with the placement and overall look before we send it to the printer.

What will I receive when I order a 4', 3', or 2' wide double depth green?  What assembly is required?

You will receive two pieces of ½” thick material (one piece is the putting surface, and the second piece is the sub-base). You will also receive the components to assemble your green once you receive it. We cut the sub-base piece slightly longer than the top putting surface to ensure they will fit properly after transit. You can easily trim the base (with a simple box cutter or similar knife) to the perfect size once assembled. Please review the Double Depth instructional videos for instructions on permanent and semi-permanent applications.

*Please note that all the double greens come with no holes pre-cut. A hole cutter is included with the purchase of the double depth green so that you can cut the holes where you would like them after you have adhered the sub-base to the putting surface.

Double Depth Install Video (short and sweet):                                    Double Depth Instructional Video:


What will I receive when I order an 8' wide double depth green? What assembly is required?

You will receive three pieces of ½” thick material (one 8' putting surface that will already be seamed together, and two 4' sub-base pieces). You will also receive the components to assemble your green once you receive it. We cut the two sub-base pieces slightly longer than the top putting surface to ensure they will fit properly after transit. You can easily trim the base (with a simple box cutter or similar knife) to the perfect size once assembled. Please review the Double Depth instructional videos for instructions on permanent and semi-permanent applications.

*Please note that all the double depth greens come with no holes pre-cut. A hole cutter is included with the purchase of the double depth green so that you can cut the holes where you would like them after you have adhered the sub-base to the putting surface.

*If you order an 8' wide double depth green the top putting surface will come pre-seamed.

8' Double Depth Install : Adding Sub-Base Only


Can I order full trim for my double depth green?  How do I install full trim on my double depth green?

Yes, you can still utilize full trim on the double depth green. Please note that the trim will only cover the top ½” of the putting surface, and will not cover the sub-base. To install trim on your double depth green, you will want to start by gluing the sub-base to the putting surface. Once the two layers are adhered, install the full trim between the two layers while the glue is still tacky enough to manipulate.

How do I "upgrade" my putting green, and get two additional feet in length for no charge?

Many of our customers have asked to bring back the free 2' upgrade, so it is back as we welcome Fall!  Simply type the word "upgrade" in the COMMENTS section of the shopping cart, and we will add an additional 2' in length to whatever you order.  This offer does not apply to any 8' wide putting greens, and does not apply to upgrading widths, length only.  It does apply to double depth, and yes, we upgrade your side rails/trim as well.

Please note that the COMMENTS section does not come until after you enter some of your personal info during the checkout process.  The Comment box will show up right before you are asked to enter your credit card information, so be patient.  Also note that the upgrade will NOT change your order specifics in your shopping cart.  Take our word that we go through each order by hand and manually assess the upgrade.  Don't fret, we've got you covered :)

Example: Order a 4' x 12' with side rails.  Type "upgrade" in the COMMENTS section, and you will receive a 4' x 14' putting green with upgraded side rails/trim.