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The BirdieBall Indoor Artificial Putting Green System.

Finally you can have a putting green in your house that rolls just like the green at your local course. Using RollTech(tm) technology BirdieBall has created the perfect indoor putting green. It's lightweight, easily transportable, lays flat (or contours), and rolls just like a real green. Plus you can pick your own stimp speed, so you can practice at home on the same speed as your home course.

Made of a proprietary aerated polymer, the surface of this green resembles an actual putting green. Soft, like a putting green, you can chip to this surface and get an actual real bounce and release characteristic for you practice needs. Putt, Chip and change the countours with the shim sections supplied with your system. The 1/2"+ Thickness is unprecedented, it allows for the golf ball to actually fall in the hole without proping up the end. Shim up the area you are standing on and actually create a slippery down hill putt. Putting cups with entry lines help create a mental picture of where you want the golf ball to enter the hole on breaking putts. The system rolls up and stores away easily, allowing you to bring it out for hours of entertainment.

Is the RollTech green legitimate?

The best way to answer this is to read the reviews. Our customers rave about them. The Colorado Golf Association purchased 12 of them to take to schools so they can teach kids with a surface that is realistic.
In fact, they are designed for the VERY, VERY serious and discerning golfer who understands putting green roll, grain and speed. Any custom size and speed is available. 2010, Utah Open Winner, Cameron Crawford, credits the BirdieBall putting green with part of his success. Scott Crawford, purchased a 27', fast, 11-13 stimp for his son Cameron in July of 2010, two months later; "his stroke average drop by two strokes and he was low amatuer at the Utah Open. He is going to turn pro now. I just want to say thanks for a great product!" -Scott Crawford

It's taken 2 years of development to get them just right, but you'll truly love RollTech.

What are the benefits of the BirdieBall RollTech Putting Green?

1/2 of your golf shots are putts. To truly improve this part of the game takes feel and practice. But practicing on woven plastic fibers, felt, or other home putting surfaces, doesn't give you the real practice needed to master putting. The BirdieBall RollTech green works because the ball rolls and reacts just like on a real putting green. BirdieBall greens even have a natural like grain.
Other, "drop-in-the-hole" putting greens require a base and are very very very (yes that's 3 very's) expensive. But with RollTech technology, now you can roll out the green, experience putting the way real greens roll, and put it away when your done. All for about 1/10th of the cost of comparable greens.
The RollTech green is thick, over 1/2" thick. Therefore the ball drops into the cup. No need for ramps that mess with your head and your stroke.
Balls will "check up" on the RollTech Green, so you can even chip onto them. Read the review on our product page.
Create breaks in the green by sliding the contour shims under one or both sides of the green.
Long difficult lag putts can be costly to your score. Now you can practice lag putts on the longer RollTech greens.

In what sizes do the RollTech Putting Green come?

We can make almost any size.
The smallest standard size is 9 feet long x 16" wide.
From there the sizes go up to 9 feet x 2 feet
13-1/2 feet by 2 feet
18 feet by 2 feet
9 feet by 4 feet
13-1/2 feet by 4 feet
18 feet by 4 feet
22-1/2 feet by 4 feet
27 feet by 4 feet
12 feet by 8 feet
and our largest size 18 feet by 8 feet
If you do not see the green length, width and hole configuration you desire, just e-mail us at and we will quote you on a custom size and shape.

Can I use the RollTech Green outside and inside.?

Inside absolutely yes. Outside, yes, but with one restriction. The green color absorbs heat, so if you leave it in the sunlight for too long, it can get overheated and create "waves" in the green. We recommend short term use outside. Also we recommend bonding the green to a backing. See our outdoor conversion kit.
Further we always recommend keeping it covered when not in use outside and keep it cool by wetting it down. Wet or Dry, Hard Surface or Carpet, Portable or Permanent. Great Anywhere! Then just roll it up and put it away with no creases or wrinkles.

One of the options is "choose your stimp" What is that?

Stimp is the measurement of how far a golf ball rolls on the green. It is measured using a Stimp Meter a device that releases a ball down a channel at approximately 20 degrees. The ball is rolled in four directions around the hole. The average distance in feet is called the Stimp. RollTech greens are stimp controlled! Pick Your Speed!
We have developed a surface treating technique which allows us to make your green any speed. Municipal courses are slower than private or higher end public courses which are in turn slower than championship courses. Each green is made for you! Practice with the speed you normally play. You specify the greens speed during the ordering process.

Order yours to the speed you desire. Call the course you play and ask them what the "Stimp" reading is on the greens you play.

Slow, Public Municipal: 9-10 Stimp

Medium, Private: 10-11 Stimp

Fast, Championship: 11-13 Stimp

If a speed is not specified, we will ship the most popular, medium speed.

Can you explain how the extraction flags work?

The 2 piece extraction flag and cup work in tandem to stop the ball at the cup. When the golf ball drops into the cup, the base of the flag dampens the roll. The cup underneath stablizes the flag.

Plus when the ball(s) drop into the cup, simply pick up the flag stick, and dump them out. Just like the flags on the practice green at your local course.

Competitive greens are a lot more, are they better?

Are you looking for a grass-like green, that simulates an actual natural surface? Fake plastic grass, is not what a putting green looks or feels like. A real natural surface is nubs of grass that allow the ball to be supported on the very top of the hyper-short blade. The BirdieBall RollTech surface does exactly the same thing, and it does it at a fraction of the cost! REAL HOME PUTTING PERFECTED....AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!!! If you are considering a putting green from someone who sells artificial turf fields and outdoor installed putting greens on the same website, keep in mind what they are going to be selling you. Is it really engineered as a putting green?

Will the RollTech green help me in reading breaks

Breaks are a function of the loft of the green and speed. Putt slower and the break is bigger; faster, and the break is less. But too fast and you lip out of the hole. Contouring Shims are standard with Giant, BirdieBall Putting greens. Use them to create breaks by placing them under the green, then practice slow, medium and fast putts. You'll be reading them in no time

Additional questions?

Just call Birdieball (303) 432-3333 or email                             

Thank you from all of us at BirdieBall

Congratulations on considering the most authentical, fun and unique, indoor putting green in the world! We appreciate your business and we will do everything we can do make sure you stay a satisfied customer!