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Fall Offer:  Add 2' in length to your putting green for free with our "upgrade" promotion.

FAQs: View Fall Offer Details

First, choose your indoor putting green style below

Our Classic Putting Green is 1/2” thick and easily rolls up for storage, making it perfect to use and then store away.
Our DIY Double-Depth Putting Green gives you the opportunity to assemble a 1” thick green, allowing the ball to drop fully into the cup. The same great surface as the classic greens, but with an added layer to double the thickness. *Assembly Required*
The Classic Putting Greens can be printed with your brand, a photo or name for a unique advertising opportunity or gift.


The BirdieBall Difference

Our technology is NOT at all like the TURF GRASS greens.  US Patent 8,979,663 means this NEW technology is a true innovation. Performing EXACTLY like a real natural grass putting green, it even replicates the same softer feel on your feet.  As with a natural putting green the golf ball rolls on the flat spongy sub-layer NOT on the top of the short plastic loop.  When a golf ball slows or stops there should be NO WOBBLE.  How important is the flat spongy feature?  It is everything.  Without the malable sub-base the natural grass putting greens could not be rolled to a smooth surface to promote true roll for the golf ball.  The current estimate to construct a natural grass green is $100,000+.  Being softer and receptive is everything.  Our grain orientation means the nubs or grass are angled slightly like real grass.  The mown short nubs control the speed.  Stop thinking that a practice putting green is like woven field turf with a pattern for the ball to follow, particularly as it slows down.  We are now past putting on "turf".  

Created for the discerning golfer who understands the importance of an authentic roll, grain and speed, BirdieBall’s Green Builder allows you to design the perfect putting green tailored to your unique style. Made using only the highest quality materials, you choose the width, thickness and stimp, creating a more realistic experience and superior performance.  15,000+  Putting Greens Sold. We are beating the competition on both price and performance.  Read the reviews.  We hope you will be writing a review for us soon.  


The Patented, BirdieBall, Indoor Putting Green System

Finally you can have a putting green in your house that rolls just like the green at your local course. BirdieBall has created the perfect indoor putting green. It's lightweight, portable, lays flat (or contours), and rolls just like a real green. Plus you can pick your own stimp speed, so you can practice at home on the same speed as your home course.

Made of a proprietary, high density, aerated polymer foam, the surface of this green resembles an actual putting green. Soft, like a putting green, you can chip to this surface and get an actual real bounce and release characteristic for your practice needs. Putt, Chip and change the contours with the shim sections supplied with your system. The 1/2" Thickness is unprecedented and allows for the golf ball to actually fall in the hole without any type of contrived ramp. Shim up the area you are standing on and actually create a slippery down hill putt. Putting cups with entry lines help create a mental picture of where you want the golf ball to enter the hole on breaking putts. The system rolls up and stores away easily, allowing you to bring it out for hours of entertainment.

Are the BirdieBall Putting Greens legitimate?

The best way to answer this is to read the reviews. Our customers rave about them. The Colorado Golf Association purchased 12 of them to take to schools so they can teach kids with a surface that is realistic.  In fact, they are designed for the VERY, VERY serious and discerning golfer who understands putting green roll, grain and speed. Any custom size and speed is available. Cameron Crawford, the winner of the 2010 Utah Open, credits the BirdieBall putting green with part of his success. His father, Scott Crawford, purchased a 27' for his son and just two months later said, "his stroke average dropped by two strokes and he was low amateur at the Utah Open. He is going to turn pro now. I just want to say thanks for a great product!" -Scott Crawford 

We have been working to perfect the BirdieBall Putting Green for years with continual improvements coming regularly.

What is meant by "Bi-Directional" and "Dual Stimp"?

The Birdieball putting greens are engineered to mimic the grain of a real putting green.  Because of this, you have the ability to putt against the grain (for a slower putt) as well as with the grain (for a faster putt).  In order to utilize both sides of the grain, you simply need cups on both ends of the putting green.

What are the benefits of the BirdieBall Putting Green?


1/2 of your golf shots are putts.  And for most golfers, the short game either makes or breaks your game. To improve the short part of the game takes feel and practice. But practicing on woven plastic fibers, felt, or other home putting surfaces, doesn't give you the real practice needed to master putting. The BirdieBall green works because the ball rolls and reacts just like on a real putting green. They even have a natural like grain.

Other "drop-in-the-hole" putting greens require a base and are very very very (yes that's 3 very's) expensive. But with our putting green technology, now you can roll out the green, experience putting the way real greens roll, and put it away when you’re done. And as an added bonus, our greens cost about 1/10th of the price of other at-home putting surfaces.

In addition, our putting greens are thick, over 1/2" thick. Therefore the ball drops into the cup. No need for ramps that mess with your head and your stroke.

You also will have the option to create breaks in the green by sliding the contour shims under one or both sides of the green. Practice straight, downhill, uphill, right-to-left and left-to-right putts. The possibilities are endless.

Not to mention that our greens can be made up to 30 feet long, allowing for practice of difficult long lag putts.

What sizes do the Putting Greens come in?

The putting greens come in 2 foot, 3 foot, and 4 foot widths. Anything wider than 4 feet will require a seaming process. We can seam the greens together at the shop, or send you 2 greens to seam together yourself at home. It saves the customer money, and is much easier than it seems (no pun intended). Check out our video on the easy seaming process. We hand cut every green to order, so we can essentially cut the greens to any length.

Can I use the Putting Green outside and inside?

The greens are primarily manufactured as indoor greens.  The only natural “enemy” of our putting green material is the sun’s UV rays. The green color absorbs heat, so if you leave it in the sunlight for too long, it can get overheated and create "waves" in the green. If you are going to use the green outside, we recommend only short term use. One of the great things about our putting greens is that they are easily rolled up and stored, so it is not a problem to use the green outside and then roll it up and store it inside until the next time you’re itching for some putting practice. We also have success with converting the indoor greens into more of an outdoor application by adhering a firm backing to the putting green. The Outdoor Conversion Kit will allow for the green to be put on backing. When employing the Outdoor Conversion, we always recommend keeping the putting green surface covered when not in use outside, and keep it cool by wetting it down.

One of the options is "choose your stimp." What is that?


Stimp is the measurement of how far a golf ball rolls on the green. It is measured using a Stimp Meter; a device that releases a ball down a channel at approximately 20 degrees. The ball is rolled in four directions around the hole. The average distance in feet is called the Stimp. BirdieBall greens are stimp controlled! Pick Your Speed! We have developed a unique technique to treat the surface, which allows us to make your green any speed. A word to the wise: Municipal courses are slower than private or higher end public courses, which are in turn slower than championship courses.  So you have the advantage of practicing with the speed you normally play. You specify the greens speed during the ordering process.

If you are unsure of the speed of the course you normally play, call the course and ask them what the "Stimp" reading is on the greens you play.

Slow, Public Municipal: 9-10 Stimp
Medium, Private: 10-11 Stimp
Fast, Championship: 11-13 Stimp
If a speed is not specified, we will ship the most popular, medium speed.

How do the extraction flags work?

The 2 piece extraction flag and cup work in tandem to stop the ball at the cup. When the golf ball drops into the cup, the base of the flag dampens the roll. The cup underneath stabilizes the flag.

Plus, when the ball(s) drop into the cup you simply pick up the flag stick, and dump the balls out. Just like the flags on the practice green at your local course.


The competition's greens are a lot more expensive.  Are they better?

Are you looking for a grass-like green that simulates an actual natural surface? Fake plastic grass, is not what a putting green looks or feels like.   Made from a thick cross section, engineered, aerated polymer, the BirdieBall Putting Green compresses and rebounds back as you walk on it.  The feel is exactly like a natural  green.  A natural grass green has a base which is springy and spongey. On the surface of this springy base is grass mowed down extremely tight to the sub-base.  BirdieBall Putting Greens have these same components; a springy base with grass like texture mowed to a very short height.  Like on a real green, the grass blades are cut down to "nubs." These nubs are oriented at a slight angle, which creates the grain on the putting surface, allowing you to roll the ball with the grain or against the grain.  The same is true for the BirdieBall Putting Green.  The soft thick base supports the golf ball while it is rolling, just like on a real green.  As with a natural grass green the nubs of grass control the speed.  The longer the nub the slower the green, the shorter or tighter the faster the green will be.  We "mow" our greens to a height replicating the height of the grass on a real green.  For example, for our tour speed greens we mow the nubs to .100" or less than 1/8".  This height with the angled nub creates two speeds, 11 on the stmpmeter going into the grain and 13 on the stimpmeter going down grain.


Will the BirdieBall Putting Green help me in practicing breaking putts?

Breaks are a function of the slope of the green and speed at which the ball is rolled at. With a slower putt the break is bigger; while a faster putt will yield less of a break. The BirdieBall putting surface will show you the true break, the ball rolling on the sub-base and not the top of plastic grass will allow the golf ball to track with gravity. A contouring shim is standard.

Can I put my Logo on a BirdieBall Putting Green?

We are the world leader in customizing and personalizing putting greens for any occasion.  Logos, favorite photos, monograms anything you can think of can be printed on a BirdieBall Putting Green.  Full process color printing technology brings your image alive.  Order by going to the Custom Logo putting green option above.