Birdieball FAQs

  • Why use a BirdieBall?

    When the Scottish invented golf, we're sure they didn't play on manicured lawns. They used their Mashie and Niblik and played in pastures. The ball went a short but satisfying distance. That's what BirdieBalls are all about, taking golf to the streets. Now the true feel and flight of a golf ball is captured in a ball that only travels 40 yards. You can take it to the park, backyard, baseball diamond, even to the parking lot! It's great practice as well as fun to simply make up your own course through the park, just like the Scotsmen who invented the game. Who knows maybe you can invent your own BirdieBall game.

  • Can I hit my Driver and Fairway Woods?

    Yes, absolutely. Now with the Velocity Tee, you can work out with the club that even pros struggle to keep consistent. The Velocity Tees come in a package with one tee for Driver and one for your 3-wood. The Driver Tee works great if you have a Jumbo Driver (+460cc). Just point the tee at your target. I can almost hear you saying "Wow, I really got into that one!"

  • What is the BirdieBall made out of?

    BirdieBalls are made at of a super polymer (that's as much detail as you get, and no, it's not PVC).

  • Will they break?

    Below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the BirdieBalls can crack with a good full swing. We have Pro-Series BirdieBalls that are guaranteed not to break.

  • Why use the StrikePad?

    The StrikePad allows you to practice anywhere, even off of concrete, asphalt, or dirt. You won't damage your clubs on the ground, and you won't tear up your lawn with your clubs, thus saving your marriage. Anywhere you have 40 yards; you now have your own driving range. You can now improve your game at home, in the park, while on vacation, or on a business trip.

  • Do you need to use the StrikePad?

    No. In fact they are probably best right off the freshly mown grass. However, because the prevent lawn damage, you can take them to the park or softball field. Your wife or husband won't get mad if you use StrikePad in the yard. Best of all the StrikePad allows you to hit golf balls in places that you never would have thought to hit them before. You can hit BirdieBalls in the parking lot, off of a frozen lake, off of the beach and even off of the deck of a houseboat. You will be amazed by how the StrikePad allows you to hit down and through, releasing your golf club on impact.

  • Will it break my windows?

    I have miscued a couple of times and hit my neighbor's picture window from about 3O feet. It fell harmlessly in the bushes below the window. This is not to say that they won't break windows, just that they haven't. Therefore, this is the official disclaimer. They might break stuff.

  • What if I get hit with a BirdieBall? Will I walk away from the impact unscathed?

    The BirdieBall is absolutely safer than a golf ball. It will not leave you with a concussion, but it will sting!

  • Can I put my company's logo on the BirdieBall?

    Yes, people love seeing their logo on the BirdieBalls. It makes a memorable give-away for your customers. People remember who gave them their first BirdieBall. See Custom Logo Birdieballs for more information.

  • Do they float?

    Yep, they sure do.

  • Is the BirdieBall Patented?

    Yes! US Patent # 7,300,357 & EU Patent # 1494766